Kiwarrak Sprint

This morning my parents and I rode over the bridge into Taree to check the town out. Dad had ridden over a thorn yesterday and his tire was flat as a tack so he had to pick up another tube to replace his spare.


Bourkes Bicycles is a fantastic bike shop. Well stocked with incredibly friendly owners and workers. Very knowledgeable people as well. I had noticed a creak coming from my bottom bracket area when I stood up and pedaled. So I asked if I could borrow some tools to take it apart and inspect it and put some grease on the bearings. The staff was more than helpful supplying me with all the right tools and their own little insights, which were greatly appreciated. After putting my cranks back on I gave it a quick spin outside. The creak was still there. I rode it back into the shop and one of the mechanics checked if my rear axel quick release was tight. He opened it, wiggled it a bit and then tightened it back up and hey presto it was good as new. I would really recommend this bike shop if you are ever traveling near Taree and need some information about the trails or if you need you bike serviced.

Click here to check out their website and location.

Morning cappuccino after the major bike repairs on the bike, pretty decent coffee too! I picked up this backpack in Austria earlier this year. Brought it back to Australia with me and has turned into my ‘trendy’ cycling backpack.



Right out side our accommodation is this nice paddock full with cows and luscious grass. Taree is really quaint in it’s own style.


The Sprint race was held in Kiwarrak State Forest, just ten minutes out side of Taree. I was chatting to friend of mine until another friend reminded me that I was starting in a few minutes. Still being in my casual clothes I raced to the car and I think I managed to undress and redress into my cycling clothes in just about a minute.

The race it self was fast and technical. The map being a 1 : 5000 with 10m contours you could easily ride past multiple trails with a few pedal turns. I made a few errors, also managed to go from checkpoint 4 to check point 6. Realising my mistake while punching 6 I raced back to check point 5 and continued on. A few hesitations as well as one or two wrong turns cost me a seconds here and there. I could estimate on how much time I lost but the fact is it doesn’t matter. I raced well enough to defend off my other competitors.



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