Traveling to Taree

The Australian Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships are in New South Wales, Taree. I traveled down today with my father and mother. It was a pretty easy drive, only took approximately eight hours.


I drove the first four hours of the trip, going down past the Gold Coast and along the highway out towards Grafton and through Coffs Harbour. We stopped in Grafton for lunch. I bought an over priced ‘wrap’ and had to buy a second lunch just to tame the grumbles in my stomach. The roads in between towns are nice, but they can be slow if you strike a slow moving vehicle.


Kicking back as my father does some of the driving. I have had this sticker on the passenger seat since 2008 when I was on the Senior Queensland Orienteering Team. I think it will stay there indefinitely. As you can see my feet up on the dash, due to fact my legs generally ache on trips so I sit in odd positions on the trip to take the muscle aches away.

We are in Taree until Sunday for the champs. Tomorrow (Friday) is the Sprint distance in the afternoon then on Saturday is the Long distance with the Middle distance taking place on the Sunday. Should be good racing this weeked. Hopefully I can get some GoPro footage of the Sprint.


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