Beating the heat (not)

I felt that I needed to do triple river loops this Wednesday. A single loop is 30km but in the accumulative distance is roughly 105km. So I woke up extra early so I wouldn’t be in the heat as much and I would have the rest of the day ahead of me.


But as you can see even at 3:38am pitch black out side its a nice crisp 26 degrees with disgusting humidity. I had trouble getting my riding nix on because I felt that sticky from the humidity.

This is at 4:00am just about to scoot off to do my training.


I don’t get up this early every day. It would be rare to get up this early once a month but in general if I need to be out riding or meeting up somewhere by 5:30am I will be up around 4:00am to get some breakfast into me.


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