Metal Man


On Tuesday I saw the surgeon who was going to operate on my collar and fix me up. My abrasions had healed up nicely and he was happy to go ahead and operate.

A few hours later of filling out forms and sitting about the hospital I was weighed and asked plenty of questions. They got my prepared for the surgery shaving all about the collar bone, they even shaved my arm pit for extra aerodynamics for when I get back onto the bike.

Going into surgery around 3:30pm I was waking up at 8:00pm. My left hip was a little sore, they drilled into it to get some bone to help heal my collar bone and my shoulder had a full ache.

From now on its the recovery/healing game. I am keen to get on the wind trainer as soon as I am allowed to. I have already set up the bike and read some articles on this sort of thing. I think if I do any sort if training sessions I’ll break it down to 30min blocks.

I am focussing on maintaining my health and my fitness. So intervals might come a bit later.


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