More Rain? No Problem!


A couple of friends and I have a Facebook group chat that we talk about bike related things and also just chat in general, but we also are constantly lining up rides with each to make training even more enjoyable. When I broke my collar bone the chat had gone all quiet. I asked them why, they explain it had been too wet so they have been doing their own cycling and wind training and I don’t blame them. Yesterday I took a look at the forecast for the next week and it is going to be a little but wet for a while longer.

Whether I had broken my collar bone or not I would have been doing almost all training seasons on the wind trainer anyways. I also joked that they should all bring over their wind trainers and all train next to me, we could work out a way to power the city on wind trainer bikes.

So it seems that up until now I would of been on the wind trainer but just without a broken collar bone. I guess you could say I have all the luck!

… or not.


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