Victorian MTBO Champs – Middle


The middle was on the same day as the sprint but held in the afternoon. The Middle discipline is similar to a sprint but further in distance and on a larger scale map. You approach the middle as you would a sprint and in general. In reality it is how you should tackle most courses but it emphasizes knowing when to go fast and take caution.

What can I say about the Middle. It was if someone reached into my brain and took everything I knew about how to navigate and plan routes and tore them out.The vague tracks and bad route choices combined pretty much killed my race and I was way off the winners time.

I felt so unsure of my decisions after early navigation troubles. I had trouble with interoperating the map and my route planning decisions changed based on my interoperation of the track grades which other people seem to have less of a problem with. Just another skill that I need to improve.

Looking back at the race I should had of persisted and continued with my routes and had not let the vague tracks and track quality deter me. I still can’t see why my errors came upon me, either I was out of practice or I was tired. When it comes down to it. I didn’t race fast enough or navigate well and I that I will had to pick up my game for the long.


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