Victorian MTBO Champs – Sprint


I didn’t know how I was going to go against the seniors this year. Only having roughly three weeks of training on the bike under my belt. I knew the Sprint discipline is all about knowing when to hit the gas and when to practice extreme caution. You have to remind your self to slow down.

Blasting out of the start box I hit the first few controls with no problem. I didn’t put a wheel out of place. Minor errors were made but in reality they were not much of an error. My eyes tricked me, which almost forced a huge error but convinced my self that a track did in fact join (5-6) at the junction on the map.

I had caught some of the other competition and they got a few seconds on me on a long descent. This descent left my shin a lot of pain after a huge rock flicked up under my front wheel smashing directly into my shin.

My head and my legs were all in the right place for this race and raced in and waited for the rest of the field to come in. It had seemed like my semi-clean ride came through and scored me my first senior win. One rider had gotten close, Alex Randall would have had me if he hadn’t made some small timely errors.


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