Victorian MTBO Champs – Long



Today was the day to redeem my self from the middle. The Long discipline is a race about going hard and hitting the trails hard. This type of riding can get you tired real fast and you can easily make forced errors.

First off, I didn’t start well. I didn’t even get to the start triangle before I made my first error by thinking I had already reached the start triangle and turned off before I reached it. After the early blooper I was set flying still a little unsure of my navigational skills.

About a quarter the way around the course I chose a different route choice to most, which at the time I thought was the better route choice (6-7). Based on the information I had on the map it looked like the best way, as it turned out the other route even though it showed a lower grade of track was actually super fast riding. Everything after that was fairly straight forward until the end of the course.

Myself like many other people made a fatal error where you had to ride to a major road turn left then ride into an opening, which the control was sitting in. So I stopped at a major intersection, which was exceptionally sandy and lead towards a rather large mound that was also a clearing. So I ran my bike up and spent the next few minutes there trying to work out what happened. Losing about 3-4 minutes on the leaders spilt.

Like the middle I don’t know why I didn’t realize it was too soon the track junction that I made my huge error on. After the middle and the long I just sat there looking at the map trying to figure out what was going through my head and what I had done right in the sprint.

Still trying to work it out now. I definitely need to get fitter and build on my navigation skills.


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