Blessed with Nature

The rides I enjoy most are the rides with great company. It’s even better we you get to ride in beautiful places.

This morning I went on a ride with my friend Karl. We road up a washed out, badly eroded fire trail that leads you to the top of Mt. Neebo.

Riding this trail is fairly easy from my point of view and sort of technical as well.

We did a bit of tarmac riding but it was worth it and it was on top of a beautiful mountain. There were plenty of picturesque views.

Whilst riding around Ironbark which is the forest near Samford Karl and I found out selves clearing off a lot of sticks that walked placed over the track. To ‘slow’ us down apparently. A quick boot every now am then and the sticks were gone.

There was one section that we rehabilitated and turned it into a safe drop off or roll over.

I like these obstacles because they can be made challenging yet safe and extremely fun at the same time.

It was a fantastic ride with good company and it started my day of well. Especially finding out that I had made the Australian Team which goes to Estonia this year for the World Mountain Biking Orienteering Championships!

20130503-210747.jpg 20130503-210913.jpg 20130503-210927.jpg 20130503-210943.jpg 20130503-210956.jpg 20130503-211024.jpg 20130503-211045.jpg

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