Crazy a-Italiano

After Alex had dropped off his Mother and Aunt at the train station to head into the Italian course we shot off to Ivera to pick up my bike and to do some hard training before it got too hot. At moment we (Alex and I) are doing two hard training days then a recovery day. 
Since I haven’t had any contact with my coach I am more than happy to do this. I know I have to do some intervals for punchy efforts so with Alex pushing, and myself pushing Alex we are doing some quality training.
So the wheel has been fixed and I have purchased a pump and some sports tablets for electrolyte and magnesium replacement due to the constant sweating and training in the heat. We set up to a close by climb near Ivera.
This climb was similar but almost half or even a little less than half of yesterdays climb but this time we rode over and down the other side through small towns and onto some farm back roads still pushing each other along. On the climb back up I started to push the pace and got our legs pumping and I was still spinning like Froome.
Flying over the top of the ascent we hit the descent, this time I kept up with Alex. Mainly because it wasn’t as long or technical. This being so we caught up to a car and Alex overtook it. The old Italian man didn’t like this at all! Beeping and yelling and racing up to Alex’s side swerving and overtaking then almost cutting off Alex as a truck came up. This man was NOT happy. I eventually overtook it because it was going awfully slow. But when I went to overtake it he reached out and held my arm back and so I whacked the breaks on and sat behind him. This man was INSANE! 
He hurled his shitbox up behind Alex and swerved left to right, eventually pushing his way past Alex. Still swerving left and right so we couldn’t overtake. We then started to laugh and started doing the same to spook him. three thirds of the way down the descent he turns his left hand blinker on and goes up this random drive way.
From what I have seen in Italy, there are a few type of drivers. Relaxed slow drivers. Relaxed speed demons. Relaxed cruisey drivers, then the insane and demented ones. This is also taking into account that there are drivers who shoot out of a blind one ways street where your wing mirrors would be scraping either side and off into into a main road with out touching their breaks.
Tuesday night there was a huge thunderstorm which rumbled and shot lighting down for ages, this doesn’t help when you are already waking up early due to the sticky humidity and jet lag. Alex suffered a little bit on the 

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