Friday we went into Turin. Taking the train from Chivasso took us about 30minutes. We found an Apple shop and I could get my phone to function again and so we walked about most of the day in the awful heat taking a look at some places and and taking some pictures. 

Once we got back Alex and I hopped onto our bike and did an easy roll for about 45minutes.
The day after (Saturday) we drove out to Roure which is a town on the way up to Sestriere. Setting off we held a good pace and we were bracing our selfs for the tunnel that we had to head through expecting it to be grossly hot. Heading through it was a cool and pleasant. About 15km up I rode away from Alex. The heat effecting him a little. I found some pace and rhythm and spun my way up there. Finding some 1 to 2% sections really easy to power along at 33-36kmph. Then the climb went on and on and got a little steeper with some head wind. Keeping my cadence high I surged on and rode to the top passing many road riders.
The descent was probably the toughest bit. Struggling to stay over 30kmph with the powerful head wind almost pushing us backwards. On the steepest sections with a lot of effort we could touch 60kmph but nothing faster. I sort of died after mid turn down the descent and I could barely hold onto Alex’s wheel. 
We ended up doing 66km in about two and a half hours. Another solid ride. 

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