Monte Grappa

Monte Grappa. This mountain is huge! The climb is long and steep in the earlier stages of the mountain. Today I was feeling far better than I did the previous day. The way we climbed Monte Grappa it was about 34km with about 30km of climbing. I think it was about 1100 meters in accent. It took us 2hrs from our place to the top of the mountain and only and hour to get back.

Climbing up was absolutely gorgeous. The slopes just fell away at the sides, the pine trees lined the road with areas where some trees had been felled for houses and you could see out into the valleys where the mountains stood tall. Gorges that cut deep into the mountains the hill sides with villages scatted across the grassy green slopes. It was quite magnificent climbing.

My legs felt great so I could look around and soak up the atmosphere easily and ride well. Before the ride I wanted to pack some sandwiches or get some muesli bars for the climb but I wasn’t able to do so. So for the whole climb I had one nectarine. That nectarine was so nice though, about half way up when I consumed it. I didn’t have long to enjoy it because as I pulled it out and took a bite I was faced with a steep section and I had to devour it in 10 seconds.

On the top of Monte Grappa there is an old World War One monument where you can go up to and see the battlements and canons. We weren’t allowed to take bikes up there but Alex knew this and told me to bring my lock so we could go and have a look. I will try and post some up eventually.

There were heaps of road cyclist up at the top sitting around the lodge. It was nice seeing so many old school frames, with funky colours and the steel frames that looked like they have had that frame for their whole life. We were the only people up there with mountain bikes for awhile until a few came past. Still, we were the only 29’ers. We couldn’t find any taps or drinkable water on top of the mountain and we didn’t really want to buy water so we had to tough it out heading back down the mountain.

The last three posts were posted when I got into Tallin at 1 am. So I haven’t proof read any of it. I hope it makes sense.


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