WMTBOC Men’s Sprint Race

Today was the sprint distance race for the World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships. It was a fun and intense race. They sent us into a confusing paddock with high grass and mown tracks.

I didn’t really know what to expect for my first race in the Men’s Elite category. I had done all my physical training and we did a huge navigation tune up in the previous week so there wasn’t much else I could do but focus, ride, navigate and have fun.

I was fairly slow through the first two controls and pausing a lot in the open field. I then lost a huge amount of time heading to 7. I didn’t realise I quite how close it was and I more or less rode towards checkpoint 8. I rode back and found it but felt rather silly. I continued the course with little struggle.

I did have a small brain fart heading through the spectator control. I felt as if I had over shot it and was cruising through feeling quite confused. I must have looked a little lost.

43rd I think out of 100. I think I can do a lot better but considering how much practice we get in Australia compared to the rest of Europe we did all right.

Tomorrow is the middle and should be great fun!


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