This was one of my better of the races of the week. Even though I was will light years off the faster guys, 9 minutes. I was the first leg rider and I made about 2min of forced errors and the rest came down to cautious navigating and having half the forest vines caught up in my rear cassette rendering the 5 of the harder gears useless meaning I had to spin a lot of the course.

The good about the race was that I was fairly fluid and I didn’t have many errors or have any bad route choices. The fast guys were doing about 47-50 minutes and I did 56 minutes. It was a hectic start having to fit an A3 map into your map board with heaps of riders around you. I had to refold my map twice. The terrain on was a mixture of urban, forest and open fields. The course was fun and well set.

Tomorrow is the long distance race for Ricky and Alex. I will be riding the open course for the public in the afternoon. It’s going to be a long day with the travel being one of the longest of the competition.


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