Hello readers!

My name is Chris Firman. I created this blog to write about my cycling travels, races and training.

A bit about myself.

Since I was a baby my family and myself were a dedicated to Orienteering, which is a very popular and professional sport in Europe. Orienteering is similar to cross country but you have to use a map and compass to navigate around a course to certain check points and do it the fastest way possible.

I was very competitive in Australia up until I was 13 where dad bought me my first suspension mountain bike. At first mountain biking was a bit of fun that I did on the weekends with a shop ride, then, eventually in my late teenage years I got hooked and I was riding a few times a week. In 2010 I found myself a coach to achieve my goals, to become a World Champion in Mountain Bike Orienteering. Hungary 2012 I got close to achieving that goal and came 5th in the Middle Distance at the Junior World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships.

Since then I have competed in 3 Junior World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships and 2 World Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships. During my years of playing catch up in fitness and improving my base fitness I have been sucked into doing “XCO”, Cross Country Olympic discipline races which were majorly different to Mountain Bike Orienteering.

So sit back and watch as I train, compete, win, crash, make friends and find my way to creating a career in mountain biking, on the bike or off the bike. Mountain biking is my way of life.

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