Absence of Posts

I haven’t abandoned the blog or forgotten about it. I have just been pre-occupied with training and a little bit of laziness and lacking initiative to post what i have done on my rides. Currently I am just doing some base training with doing what ever rides. Next month I have a big month of training and cycling race which is 3hrs the first day and 3hrs the second day. That should be cool and relaxed. I have problems racing longer then a couple of hours because I have gotten back problems in the past and I am not the best at getting prepared for these races and staying hydrated and fuelled up. If I can avoid cramps and back problems it should be a fun race. The next day should be interesting though backing it up with another 3hrs.

Last Tuesday (20th) I thought I would do one of my long rides that I was suppose to do on the weekend. Due to storms I wasn’t able to do it safely on the weekend. I road out up to Redcliffe and back and took some pictures. This ride is one of those rides where if you have a headwind out you will have a tailwind back and vice versa. This Tuesday though wasn’t nice at all to me. I had a headwind out and so naturally I thought on the way back I would have a tailwind so I pushed harder out expecting an easy ride back. Nope! On the way back I felt as if I was still riding into a wall that was pushing me back. The route to Redcliffe is fairly flat no hills that class as anything difficult but after a couple hours of pushing into wind and having to do it back again wasn’t easy.

Here are some photos of the ride anyways.