Life Experienes

So I haven’t been updating my blog for quite awhile now, and there is are reasons for that. But I can’t list them all at once so I will say  that I think I need to do a quite a large cover of where I have been since WOC. This will be a quick post about places I have been to.

After the Mountain Bike Orienteering World Championships I traveled to Helsinki by ferry with a friend of mine, Karl. Helsinki was certainly a life experience all on its own for many reasons. After that I flew to Berlin in Germany and my mate Karl flew back to Australia.

In Berlin I went on a few guided tour walks around Berlin. Berlin has very interesting history and fantastic vibe to it’s always buzzing city. I did a secret diet in Berlin too! After Berlin I took a short seven hour train trip to Arhus in Denmark. There I stayed with one of my good Mountain Bike Orienteering friends Camilla. I had probably some of the best days on this trip in Denmark.

With a short flight to the UK to stay with some relatives. It was nice to have a bit of down time, which I could of used to write this blog, but I was enjoying not having to move my stuff every second day and not having to be and adult. After my nice break in UK I hopped onto a plane and was flown to Czech where I stayed with another good Mountain Bike Orienteering friend of mine, Vojtěch. I had an unbelievable time in Czech. Definitely a place I would come back to and stay for awhile, there is fantastic riding there in Czech.

Then I spent almost a month in Vienna in Austria trying to learn German. This was a mixed experience and another life experience of sorts. Finally I am now in Nice and hanging out with my parents. My project from now will be writing about each places I have visited and what has been good and bad. Knowing what to avoid and what to do better.

Berlin bicycle love.


Killer drivers and Rapid Illness

I was on a long ride this Saturday with my friend riding out to a nice climb. The climb up Mt.Mee that gives you a nice view of Samford looking down over the valley and I recommend this climb if you are in Brisbane. On the way up we were interrupted by classic murdering type of Australian driver. I am not sure what it is like out side of Australia or out side of Brisbane because I haven’t done too much road cycling out of Brisbane. We were taking it fairly easy on the way up when this driver in like a big ute pulling a trailer decides to tell us who’s road it is and why we shouldn’t be on it. Now days I have couldn’t give rats arse to what could be coming out of a motorist mouth, so I just threw out a, “Yeah alright mate!” This is when the vehicle stops. We over take him ignoring his further vulgar language and insults and his well in depth thought remarks. My mate was riding up on the left hand side and I was about to join him when he started to tail gate us and I was still on the out side in between oncoming traffic trapped by this driver. He tried to push me out and over take us almost swerving into me and getting too close for comfort on my friend back wheel. Not to forget he over took on a double line section. Eventually I join my friend as the driver over takes then veers in sharply almost taking me out with his trailer. Quickly I jumped off my bike to get my phone to snap a pic of his licence plate but my mate said, don’t bother. He had it all recorded on his GoPro which was mounted to his handlebars.

My friend uploaded another clip before the video footage I explain, you can skip in 31 seconds if you wish.


Also I woke up feeling a little odd on Saturday. My legs didn’t feel like they were all there. I found out why at 2am on Sunday waking up with a huge fever, blocked nose, a head ache that felt like two people were kicking me in the side of the head. My muscles were in such aching pain, (similar to growing pains if you have experienced them) and from feeling like it was the arctic winds of Antarctica to heat of a hot 40 degree day in Brisbane. I am still currently sick but the serious part of the fever was past by the night of Sunday. Today (10/12/12) I just have a bit of a bad cough and blocked nose. So a pretty basic cold.

I am thinking of getting a handlebar mount for my GoPro for rides that I do so I can see if I can film anything interesting or catch dangerous motorists on my training rides. Stay safe on the roads and enjoy your ride.

3+3hr Enduro Race

The 3+3hr race held at Spicers Hidden Vale – Hidden Vale Adventure Park was scorcher of an event. The event was held over the weekend. On Saturday the race started at 2pm and you had 3hrs to get as many laps in before finishing at 5. Then race the next day (Sunday) at 9am finishing at midday with the same rules the previous day. So hence 3+3hr. This event was organised as a bit of a mountain bike christmas race. It also had a banquet at night, fun jumps competition and kids races both days. There was delicious food to be eaten with a couple hundred other happy mountain bikers that were enjoying the weekend.

There was a different course for each day of racing. Both courses being super fun, fast and technical. Even with the sun beating down on your back in 35+ degree heat it was awesome, but a little dusty. Since it was so hot they set up a small crew to spray you with water half way around which I think everyone chose to get soaked every time they road past.

In the lead up to the event I read in the paper that the temperatures were going to be 8 degrees higher then the usual temperatures for this time of the year. So I decided to test how my body goes in the heat having previous struggles with heat and fluid in take and eating enough for the slightly longer races. On both days I decided to start off slow and not race with the fast guys to prevent my self from getting into a pace that my body might not be able to hold for the 3hrs in the heat and accidentally run my body into the ground.

I stuck to my race plan and it worked well. After two laps I felt good so I kept grabbing more water bottles and going a little faster and finished strong both days. I only had one mechanical on the first day with my front tyre. It seem to get a pin hole puncture on the side of the tyre and slowly leaked air, yet my Stans sealant did not seal the hole, so I was climbing fast around a corner and my front almost washed out and it ‘burpied’ the rest of the air out of the tyre. I got off and started to pump air back in because it didn’t fully break the seal and there was sealant still inside. So I managed to ride it back to the finish, pump it up and the hole sealed so I was off again. I didn’t have any more bike dramas for the weekend after that.

The mechanical lost me enough time that I only managed to fit 7 laps on the first day and there was 4 or 5 guys on 8 laps which I was close to and the leader on 9 who was light years ahead. I was in 9th position on the first day.

On the second day my body seemed to pull up well since I focused on stretching well and eating heaps to recover for the next day and it worked. I jumped on the bike went steady for the first couple of laps then tried to increase my speed. I think both days I started to get negative splits each lap which was odd because I felt slower towards the end of each day, but I won’t complain. The course was a little shorter but had a little bit more of a punchy climb and fairly fast technical descents.

I managed to pull out another 7 laps finishing me off with a total of 14 laps. There was only 4 of us that got 7 and the leader who managed to squeeze 8 out of the 3 hrs which was impressive. Being one lap down from the previous day I wasn’t able to stay on contention with the other guys and finished up 5th which was pretty good considering the flat which forced a 57min lap.

I would have taken heaps of pictures but I was trying to cool down after the races. I did how ever stumble upon a great drink mix called Infinit Nutrition which is the great energy drink powder that has heaps of carbs in one of their mixes and you can sort of build your own mix to get the right amount of electrolytes and protein etc. plus it tastes pretty good.

Heres a link to their site:

Heres a link to the race site:

Heres a link to the Spicers Hidden Vale resort:

Absence of Posts

I haven’t abandoned the blog or forgotten about it. I have just been pre-occupied with training and a little bit of laziness and lacking initiative to post what i have done on my rides. Currently I am just doing some base training with doing what ever rides. Next month I have a big month of training and cycling race which is 3hrs the first day and 3hrs the second day. That should be cool and relaxed. I have problems racing longer then a couple of hours because I have gotten back problems in the past and I am not the best at getting prepared for these races and staying hydrated and fuelled up. If I can avoid cramps and back problems it should be a fun race. The next day should be interesting though backing it up with another 3hrs.

Last Tuesday (20th) I thought I would do one of my long rides that I was suppose to do on the weekend. Due to storms I wasn’t able to do it safely on the weekend. I road out up to Redcliffe and back and took some pictures. This ride is one of those rides where if you have a headwind out you will have a tailwind back and vice versa. This Tuesday though wasn’t nice at all to me. I had a headwind out and so naturally I thought on the way back I would have a tailwind so I pushed harder out expecting an easy ride back. Nope! On the way back I felt as if I was still riding into a wall that was pushing me back. The route to Redcliffe is fairly flat no hills that class as anything difficult but after a couple hours of pushing into wind and having to do it back again wasn’t easy.

Here are some photos of the ride anyways.