Killer drivers and Rapid Illness

I was on a long ride this Saturday with my friend riding out to a nice climb. The climb up Mt.Mee that gives you a nice view of Samford looking down over the valley and I recommend this climb if you are in Brisbane. On the way up we were interrupted by classic murdering type of Australian driver. I am not sure what it is like out side of Australia or out side of Brisbane because I haven’t done too much¬†road¬†cycling out of Brisbane. We were taking it fairly easy on the way up when this driver in like a big ute pulling a trailer decides to tell us who’s road it is and why we shouldn’t be on it. Now days I have couldn’t give rats arse to what could be coming out of a motorist mouth, so I just threw out a, “Yeah alright mate!” This is when the vehicle stops. We over take him ignoring his further vulgar language and insults and his well in depth thought remarks. My mate was riding up on the left hand side and I was about to join him when he started to tail gate us and I was still on the out side in between oncoming traffic trapped by this driver. He tried to push me out and over take us almost swerving into me and getting too close for comfort on my friend back wheel. Not to forget he over took on a double line section. Eventually I join my friend as the driver over takes then veers in sharply almost taking me out with his trailer. Quickly I jumped off my bike to get my phone to snap a pic of his licence plate but my mate said, don’t bother. He had it all recorded on his GoPro which was mounted to his handlebars.

My friend uploaded another clip before the video footage I explain, you can skip in 31 seconds if you wish.


Also I woke up feeling a little odd on Saturday. My legs didn’t feel like they were all there. I found out why at 2am on Sunday waking up with a huge fever, blocked nose, a head ache that felt like two people were kicking me in the side of the head. My muscles were in such aching pain, (similar to growing pains if you have experienced them) and from feeling like it was the arctic winds of Antarctica to heat of a hot 40 degree day in Brisbane. I am still currently sick but the serious part of the fever was past by the night of Sunday. Today (10/12/12) I just have a bit of a bad cough and blocked nose. So a pretty basic cold.

I am thinking of getting a handlebar mount for my GoPro for rides that I do so I can see if I can film anything interesting or catch dangerous motorists on my training rides. Stay safe on the roads and enjoy your ride.