Garmin technology is lame!

I had this new post for my blog all written up about the rides I have done. This week I did some solid 2hr mountain bike rides and some short intense road rides. So I went to get some of the cycling files off the Garmin, but the site wasn’t recognising it at all. I have had problems like these before. I was trying to connect my Garmin to the computer to put a route on it for a long road ride I had to do over the weekend. I spent 5hrs trying multiple computers and reading forums on how to ‘fix’ the device. Until someone told me how to reset it and it all worked fine.

So I took out the small memory card from the Garmin, thinking that the data would be stored there? NOPE! Seems like I reset my device losing all my data which I haven’t uploaded to the site in awhile because it hasn’t been able to connect but I haven’t had a huge use for it daily. (I know I could of avoided this by backing it up frequently) So I just reset my Garmin losing all my data, but hey at least it connects to the computer.

Garmin products are good but frustrating at times. I hope I can get my powertap back up again.