Packed Train and Lost Bikes

Our adventure to Milano to catch our plane to Tallinn was a long journey. We bought our train tickets that would allow us to take our bike boxes on board the train to Milano. The train was just a regional train, and today seemed to be peak our to go into Milano. I almost felt as if we would have to go it Indian style and hold onto the side of the train all the way to Milano.

We were in the cabin where the carriages joined the two trains because it was that full so we stood up holding out bike boxes up from falling over slowly melting in the hot cabin. Every stop we managed to fit more people into packed carriage. The area we were standing seemed to be the highest traffic area for people heading to the other completely FULL carriages. I thought it was never going to end on this 3hr train trip. Luckily the worst of it only lasted 15-30minutes and the rest of the train trip was just hot and tiresome.

Alex and I even made a friend with this lady from Slovakia who lived on cigarettes and vodka and loved her american staffy. She was a comic relief almost to the whole train trip. Saying it how it was. She spoke really fluent english and took this train trip at least once a month. Dedicated.

We eventually took out last train to the airpot. We had pre-purchased our bikes to go onto the plane as excess luggage. Yet they still asked us for a 10 euro check-in fee to put them on the plane! Then they pointed to a random spot on the ground and told us to wait for 10 minutes for a security guard to take us to check them in. So we waited for about 20-30 minutes of this mythical security guard who eventually showed up after a call from the lady at the checkin counter when we said we had been waiting for awhile and wondered if he was ever going to show up.

The flight was fine although the connecting flight through Riga to Tallinn was painful on my knees. The seats were so close together that even when I push my behind back into the seat my knees still were ground up against the one in front of me. I was glad it was only an hour flight.

Then what happened is something you always fear. Our bikes didn’t arrive. Standing in the baggage collection area, 12:30 at midnight. Maybe we should of payed more to check them in? So we will see if they arrive tomorrow.

My apologies for the delayed updates but internet in Feltre was patchy and slow so it was a little tricky posting. Everything seems to be going well besides having trouble sleeping. Stay tuned!