Kirwarrak North

43 minutes and 56 seconds later I rode into the finish at Kirwarrak to get back and find out that I was the fastest on the middle distance making it a third win for the Australian Champs. I managed to keep my head together and my body in tune to get three wins. It was a nice way to finish the Australian MTBO season as the Australian Champion for the Junior Elite, with it being my last year. The middle distance was raced in the same location as the sprint; Kirwarrak State Forest. They had some additional tracks on the map extending slightly further south. It was a fantastic area and course for the Australian Middle distance.

Left to right: Chris Firman (me); Karl Withers; Paulo Jun Alvear Fujii

I wasn’t totally smooth as I would have liked in the todays race but it was enough to keep my self in the lead of the other riders. I had a hesitation at checkpoint 3 to make sure I was choosing the better route choice to go north and then south back into 4 or to go south from 3 and then north into 4. It turned out that the way I went (north then south) was the quicker route. Another forced hesitation was checkpoint 7 to 8. I rode down to the main track then took the fire road south and around down to 8. Finally my last notable error was I nearly rode from checkpoint 11 to 13. Stopping directly at the entrance into checkpoint 12. I knew something felt funny!

Now it will be quiet for the race period until I head down to Victroia for a MTBO training camp that goes through New Years! Until then base training. Looking forward to some big rides and some nice single track sessions. Hopefully I can get some more of my overseas trip organised.