mote grappa

Saturday Alex and myself bought train tickets and caught three trains up to Feltre. At first I thought this was going to be stressful, having to jump off trains and catch another. Also it might take ages for trains to arrive and we would be waiting. In the end it was quite easy and stress free. I think the worst part was finding a toilet that wasn’t super unhygienic. The seven hours of traveling passed quite fast. Every time you looked out the train window the mountains would be growing taller and as the train neared Feltre. So hats off to Italian trains for being easy to use.

We are staying in some student apartment accommodation that Liz has rented. It worked out to be around $220 AUD. Which is pretty good considering the location and the facilities we are given. The streets are gorgeous and the people are kind. It’s a very welcoming city.

When Alex and I went out for dinner for the first night we went to this Pizzeria where we ordered two “maxi” pizzas. The guy behind the counter double checked if we wanted maxi and gestured that they are quite large. We got maxi sized pizzas anyways.

As we were waiting out side we saw a family that had obviously pre-ordered their pizza. It was a mother a father and their three children ranging from about 3-6 years of age. They walked out with just ONE large pizza box. Alex and I looked at each other and were kind of worried yet enthusiastic about getting such a large meal.

They came out with these ginormous wooden pizza trays and you couldn’t sit them across from each other on the table because they were too big. The pizza must of been about a metre in diameter. This pizza was going to be a challenge, but we hadn’t eaten anything all day. Needless to say it was delicious and I finished it off, feeling fairly full. If it were a cartoon I would of been waddling away from the Pizzeria.

We thought it was best we do a big walk before heading back to the apartment. Even after the big walk I felt quite stuffed, but it helped greatly. Just not enough. That night I could feel my tummy grumbling and turning trying to break down the pizza.