Racing Nerves

In lead up to these selection trials I have been calm as still water. Even when the water was stirred I felt that I remained calm and focused on my goals and ambitions. I didn’t feel down about my chances on making the team because at the end of the competition my training and determination will reflect my results.

Breaking situations down into manageable pieces and forging on by it all only makes ones mind stronger. I am still not quite there mentally but it is definitely building into something to work with.

A strong mental mind can help ease the nerves. Although one can’t get rid of them. You will always have that feeling in your stomach. A mixture of excitement and being scared, just sitting there and making your feel on edge. So your body tells you to distract your mind.

I feel that you don’t want to lose these nerves that don’t sit well. If you don’t have them buzzing about you will never race as well as if you have them. To control these nerves and to stop them getting out of hand is something you have to be careful of.


Mountain bike orienteering is an interesting sport. It’s similar to a road time trail racing. Pacing your self, knowing when to go hard and when to slow it down to minimize errors. With mountain bike orienteering you have something extra. You have to train your mind to navigate on top of that and more to time trial against the course and your competition.

With these nerves they can make you excel. Being all revved up and ready to go, wanting to race fast and thrive for success is what nerves are all about. Then again they can make you go too fast, crash and head straight into disastrous situations.

This is where a strong mental comes into play. It brings you back down to reality and makes sure you are focused on the task that is on hand and what it asks of you. Break down the challenge you have been handed and minimize the risks and traps whilst capitalizing on where you are strong.

Right now I am getting the nervous feeling while studying maps that we will be racing on or near. I get all nervous thinking about the races but at the same time I am working out what are my flaws and weaknesses and attempting to minimize them.