Post pizza update. Sunday Alex and I went out to climb this mountain close by. Getting a smaller ride with a mountain in before we did Monte Grappa the following day. Today was not my day for the bike. Either the Pizza had weighed me down in the legs but I was getting dropped by Alex, and he claims he was sitting just under a hard pace. I struggled up the mountain side holding his wheel most of the way until the very top where he did an effort for a few hundred metres to the top. I was glad that the road didn’t go up any further. It was terribly steep and wasn’t consistent in gradient.

After riding back down and finding this gorgeous little cafe we say down and ordered our coffees. A much needed coffee for me. When we were talking about the climb this older gentleman came over and started to speak to us in some english. We invited him to sit down and talk. We told him we were from Australia and he mentioned that he had family and sons living over there. He had also been over there himself seeing all the iconic sights Australia has to offer. Eventually he had to go about this day and bought us a round of coffees before he departed. We thanked him kindly.

Lately the internet has been a shocker hence why there are multiple updates coming in all at once. Our little pocket wifi we have has started to slow down and we can barely open google without having to wait for a good minute. So for now there will be just text posts every now and then.