Euro Trip has started.

Leaving the country wasn’t so easy. I only just booked my return flight the other day and the agency hadn’t e-mailed me the itinerary. I was starting to panic when I was asked for the air ticket back. I had no proof to show the lady to prove that I was coming back to the country.

A quick call to the travel company and they sent the e-mail with everything I needed. The twist was that my phone was have way through restoring when I unplugged it and now it won’t work and I will have to wait until I get a secure wifi connection to restore it. Luckily my mother had her phone and I could get onto my e-mails and show that I had the ticket back.

And to think that I wasn’t going to book it until I was in Europe. Phew. The only thing I think I forgot to pack was an adapter charger for my electronic devices. Bugger. I will hopefully get to update this at Abu Dhabi.