Walking Turin

Turin is very pretty in a medieval way, much like most of Italy. Old buildings, grand buildings and some odd buildings. Cobbled road meeting bitumen roads. Lots of people walking around and the area it is in seems to be prone to freak storms.

On the train journey in, it started to rain. Once the train arrived in Turin it was pelting down with heavy rain, wind sending the rain in at a 45 degree angle and you’d be lucky to see further than 30metres. It was a slow start to the day to see if I could get my camera fixed.

Having to wait for some time for the rain to stop and also having to wait for the information help desk to open. I had to kill some time, I did this by having a coffee. The information desk finally opened at 9am. I went in and asked for directions to the best place to get my camera repaired. She showed me on the map and told me about the best store that is near the station which is almost the centre of Turin. So off I went. The storm had passed and it was trying hard to keep drizzling but it was fading.

Luckily the camera store was close by, unfortunately it wasn’t open and it only took me 5 minutes to get there and it was about 9:30am. So I went off to find a cafe. But then my bladder said I had to go the toilet.

Now I was quite far from the train station which I knew had a toilet. So on my way back I was looking into venues and I couldn’t see any toilets. This is probably the down side to Europe, or Italy perhaps.

Arriving back at the train station I found the toilets. 80c to use them… no thanks. I just went into the cafe that I knew had a toilet and waited in line. By this time it was a little after 10am and that should be around the time when most shops should be open.

Nope! The store was still shut. Anyways I thought it might open at 12. I headed off to find this internet cafe that I was told about and I arrived there and asked about the internet. No internet. Ok, so now another long walk back to the centre.

I decided I should get a sim since the one I had was out of credit and I had no easy way of topping it up. After some discussion with the helpful phone “3” guy he set me up on a sim that will be handy for a few other countries. I always feel odd when anyone holds my passport, as if they are going to take it and I would be stranded in this country.

It was getting close to 12 so time to check on the store.

Approaching the store it didn’t even look like it was going to open today. I spoke to the nice lady at the information desk back at the train station and she said, “Oh it doesn’t open until 3 today”. Ok. So I have to kill three hours just to see if they can fix it. She also recommended at general electronic retail store, which I went past a couple of times now, but off I went and paid it a visit.

They more or less said they can send it off to the manufactures but it might take two weeks. They also referred me to this store in the suburbs that fix cameras but it would be a trip I would have to make another day.

After killing some time and getting some lunch I arrived at the open camera store and I showed them the camera and they gave me the exact same information as the previous store that I visited.

So my looks like I am not done with Turin yet and I will have to do some cycling through Turin on Tuesday.