I don’t litter

I was out riding with a mate and there was no bins about and I dislike putting rubbish back into my pocket because it generally flies out or leaks or it melt/sticks tot he fabric. So this my solution when I don’t have a way of disposing my rubbish.

IMG_0279          IMG_0280

Compact Tube

You could either be out riding and have to fold up a tube and you are in no hurry or at home and want to store some loose tubes well this is how I fold up or should I say roll up my tubes.

Find the stem and make sure it’s facing inwards.


Find the direct opposite end of the tube and start rolling up with the valve released.


You should have a tube that is rolled up neatly. Then just grab a rubber band and whack it around and you’re done.



Zupps Smash Out

Zupps ride. It’s simply called that because it starts at the Zupps dealership.


It’s a fairly large group ride. Which can be daunting at times but the vibe of the group is welcoming.

Here’s a small portion of the group waiting after a sprint section for the group to regather.


The group sets a decent pace but I found its nothing too exhausting. Although I do train a bit more than the average rider.

During the ride there are sections where some of the faster riders like to have small sprint races.

On this particular ride I was doing my turn and the guy I was riding next do was a solid rider and we were turning up the speed. Approaching this roundabout the group got split up so I was out front with a couple of other guys and I was still charging on. Soon enough I found out that I was leading out the train for the next sprint. I stayed in with the sprint but I wasn’t close to the front we rolled through a side street and I ended up on the front again setting the pace up to the next sprint point. By then I was stuffed.

Here’s some of the scenery.20130117-104550.jpg

Absence of Posts

I haven’t abandoned the blog or forgotten about it. I have just been pre-occupied with training and a little bit of laziness and lacking initiative to post what i have done on my rides. Currently I am just doing some base training with doing what ever rides. Next month I have a big month of training and cycling race which is 3hrs the first day and 3hrs the second day. That should be cool and relaxed. I have problems racing longer then a couple of hours because I have gotten back problems in the past and I am not the best at getting prepared for these races and staying hydrated and fuelled up. If I can avoid cramps and back problems it should be a fun race. The next day should be interesting though backing it up with another 3hrs.

Last Tuesday (20th) I thought I would do one of my long rides that I was suppose to do on the weekend. Due to storms I wasn’t able to do it safely on the weekend. I road out up to Redcliffe and back and took some pictures. This ride is one of those rides where if you have a headwind out you will have a tailwind back and vice versa. This Tuesday though wasn’t nice at all to me. I had a headwind out and so naturally I thought on the way back I would have a tailwind so I pushed harder out expecting an easy ride back. Nope! On the way back I felt as if I was still riding into a wall that was pushing me back. The route to Redcliffe is fairly flat no hills that class as anything difficult but after a couple hours of pushing into wind and having to do it back again wasn’t easy.

Here are some photos of the ride anyways.