Brookfield, Reverse Riverloop, Mt. Cootha and Samford range

On Tuesday the 8th I met up with a couple of my mates for a long ride. Meeting ontop of Settlement road we rode over and past Gap Creek Reserve then heading down to Brookfield. We continued along Upper Brookfield Rd until the end and back out to Gold Creek Rd. Rolling through Kenmore we rode towards Indooroopilly and rode the Riverloop course in reverse but diving off towards Mt. Cootha and back out to Settlement Rd and up to the Samford range. I ended up doing 121km.

My mates posing on a 20%+ climb on a side road off Upper Brookfeild Rd. It’s called Haven Rd.


Springbrook Climb’n

On Sunday the 6th a friend of mine texted me mid morning asking if I wanted to head down to the coast and ride up Springbrook. Springbrook is a roughly 20km climb averaging  5-6% all the way up with some small 12%+ pinches near the very top. From where we started it ended up being a 30km out and back. Here’s some pictures at the top of the climb.

My mate getting ready with my bike leaning up against the car. Ready to rock and roll.

IMG_0173At the top facing back down from where we came.


The magnificent view from on top of Springbrook.IMG_0176


IMG_0175My friend and I road down a walking track to get to the look out.


Unseen Nature

I get my monthly training program from my coach a week before it starts that month of training. I have gotten into a habit of deciding which rides/routes I will do for the certain distance or time he sets for certain days. So if it’s a credit card ride (riding out to a town and staying there and then riding back) or a double century (1ookm one day then 100km the next) I just think of two rides that get me that distance. When the day comes around I reluctantly leave my comfy bed and get into my riding kit and shove some bars into my back pocket and fill up my water bottles and head out.

For me, my brain thinks it is training. Training isn’t fun when you hit the point of suffering, but it’s something you need to do. I like to suffer on those big hills and when I finish the ride I feel like I have done something worth while. No matter how bad I felt at the start or in the middle and the end. I have done something to make me stronger mentally and physically, but. I think I have been looking at this the wrong way.

Since starting the blog I have been throwing my mothers small digital camera into my back pocket so I can snap a few pictures when I go out riding. Which are the ones you have seen in earlier blog posts. Which has widen my opens up to where I go and what I actually witness day in day out when I ride. Wether it be a suburban rider at 5am through the city or a rural ride out through Samford, there is something worth while taking a picture of.

There are some pictures I took of a ride that I call the “Brookfield” ride, because it goes through a suburb called ‘Brookfield’. Creative I know. Anyways the point is I start in my suburb ride through the middle of Brisbane City, through parks then before you know it I am next to some small hills that turns to green scenery in a matter of a few seconds. It’s quite bizarre really that if I wanted to. I could ride for 30min and already be in a completely different place of scenery.