Didn’t need it anyway

So this happened.

IMG_0409The previous day I had picked up my bike from the shop that just had its top stays repaired. I hadn’t ridden my mountain bike for a couple of weeks now so it was time hit some trails. Setting out to cruise for two hours on the trails. About ten minutes into my ride I was on some fun single track barreling down over some awesome technical parts when suddenly, through a corner my front wheel jolts up a bit, just enough to shift my weight so exiting the corner at nice pace I fly straight into a tree snapping my collar bone in two places. So now a piece of my collar bone is separated.

IMG_0413_2Luckily I was close to an access road  and I got walk out with my bike (yes the bike was ok) and wait for them. From the hours of 6:30am to 10:00am I had to endure peak hour traffic road trips and bumpy roads cradling my collar bone.

You may ask why I didn’t call a ambulance? Well my Mother is a doctor and I was able to get slotted in for an early X-ray so when we came into the emergency they could asses me and I was in and out without any mucking about.

I am seeing the specialist on Monday and possibly surgery on the same day. So I will try and keep you updated.