Monday 26 of May it was dark and cold. This was the first ride of 820km that I covered during this heavy training week. There wasn’t anything special or terribly exciting to report during this week. It was more the mental journey and logistics of the whole week. I wanted to get most of the kilometres done before the weekend because there was a Mountain Bike Orienteering race on the Sunday that I wanted to compete in for navigational practice, so I wanted to have an easy day on Saturday.

The mornings consisted of dragging my body out at 3-3:30am, making some jam sandwiches and eating some cereal then hopping onto the bike at 4-4:30am rolling out with my AYUP lights, arm warmers, vest and sometimes leg warmers.

Why do I get up so early to ride? Well I figured I had to fit 150km a day to get all the km’s in before the weekend, but I had time restraints because I start work at 9am and it goes to 2pm. A 100km ride can take me 3hrs 15min to 3hrs 45min depending on weather, hills and how fresh I feel. So the mornings were early and the nights were early to get enough sleep.

This week was obviously going to be a huge mental challenge and a challenge to organise my self so it was easy to crawl out of bed and plunk my self onto my bike and ride off. So after my morning ride the riding gear went straight into the washing basket and I went and had a shower, a little bit of a second breakfast was consumed, pack some lunch and I would ride into work on the single speed. Riding the single speed was great! It spun out my legs on the way to work and it was just easy and carefree to ride.

Heading back from work to home in the afternoon after 2pm I would arrive home around 2:30pm and have a little rest, as I was feeling fairly drained from the morning rides plus work. I would eventually get my self ready to go out for a ‘river loop’ ride which is about 45km. Again it’s another mental step to do two sessions a day, especially doing 100km rides in the morning. These river loops were good because they were fairly flat and it’s easy to break down into sections. So before you know it you’re pretty much at the end of the loop.

Rolling up the drive way, riding gear goes into the washing machine and I try and refuel so I can last until dinner time. Lube goes onto the bike chain and I have a nap until dinner. My family all arrives home around 6pm and so we usually have dinner fairly late around 7:30pm – 8pm. So I pretty much have some dinner and fruit and make sure my washing is drying out next to the heater for the next morning and my bike is all set and my lights are charged as well as my Garmin 800 then hit the hay.

So this was pretty much my day to day routine for four days with the fifth day ending on my last 100km for the week. At that point I was up to about 745km. The next day I rode the single speed around my local trails with this social group. It was very easy and relaxing, getting to cruise with some of my friends.

Sunday was the Mountain Bike Orienteering race out at Samford. Competitors have two hours to collect as many checkpoints as you can which are worth different value of points. Every minute you arrive back late after the two hours you lose twenty points. This event was very forgiving since it wasn’t all on dirt and a lot was on road which suited me due to the amount of kilometres I had done prior to the race.

I was 51 seconds late so I lost twenty points, no real harm but I got enough points that won me the event. Out of 1700 points I got 1330 after the 20 points deducted. I was asked to pick up check points as well after the event so I got a few extra kilometres and in total racked up 820km.

All this week I was using Strava to track my data. Here’s the link to my profile:

So that wraps up my week and now I just have to plan more of my European trip!


Absence of Posts

I haven’t abandoned the blog or forgotten about it. I have just been pre-occupied with training and a little bit of laziness and lacking initiative to post what i have done on my rides. Currently I am just doing some base training with doing what ever rides. Next month I have a big month of training and cycling race which is 3hrs the first day and 3hrs the second day. That should be cool and relaxed. I have problems racing longer then a couple of hours because I have gotten back problems in the past and I am not the best at getting prepared for these races and staying hydrated and fuelled up. If I can avoid cramps and back problems it should be a fun race. The next day should be interesting though backing it up with another 3hrs.

Last Tuesday (20th) I thought I would do one of my long rides that I was suppose to do on the weekend. Due to storms I wasn’t able to do it safely on the weekend. I road out up to Redcliffe and back and took some pictures. This ride is one of those rides where if you have a headwind out you will have a tailwind back and vice versa. This Tuesday though wasn’t nice at all to me. I had a headwind out and so naturally I thought on the way back I would have a tailwind so I pushed harder out expecting an easy ride back. Nope! On the way back I felt as if I was still riding into a wall that was pushing me back. The route to Redcliffe is fairly flat no hills that class as anything difficult but after a couple hours of pushing into wind and having to do it back again wasn’t easy.

Here are some photos of the ride anyways.