No sealant?

I was out at Gap Creek trails today. Just doing a easy ride around on the single trail. My Dad was riding with me, he had the day off. We were cruising along some trails and I was starting to descend down some switch back sections when I heard the sound of air leaking out of my front tire. Turning the wheel to find the air rushing out of my front tire on the ridge of the tire. Naturally I rolled the wheel forward and down towards the ground to let the Stans sealant fill the hole. I inspected the hole and it wasn’t big at all. The puncture was about the size of a needle. I rolled the wheel back down towards the ground and tried to get some dirt and surface area around the hole to see if it needed assistance to seal up. Again no luck. Time for a tube. I pulled off the tire to replace it with a tube to discover there was no sealant in there. I had put at least two cups full of Stans sealant in a few months ago and it had seemed to of disappeared. It’s a mystery still. Any how taking out the tubeless air valve I whacked the tube in and I was on my way. My legs were feeling pretty good after the long weekend of racing and traveling. It was also nice to tone down the intensity of the training ride and the length. Tomorrow I am taking a couple of mates around Gap Creek and show them an awesome time. I will get some snap shots of the trails tomorrow. They are feeling nice under the bike.