Windy Valleys

This Thursday Alex drove us to another valley that looked nice to ride along and up. The plan for this ride was to ride up the valley at pace that was just under tempo. So we weren’t on the limit but we are not just cruising.

Alex lead off for the start at a nice and steady pace. After a kilometre or two, I took the front, at the moment, seems as if I climbing a touch easier than Alex. I sat on a easy to medium pace and he seemed comfortable with it.

I lead us right to the top. Briefly passing a road cyclist but as soon as we past Alex dropped his glasses and the roadie went past us. No worries, we caught him again.

This road just went on and on like Sestriere but not as steep in the earlier stages of the climb. We climbed up this valley to this gorgeous mountain that was baron but sugar coated with snow.

The gradient picked up and we faced a couple of switch backs but nothing too severe. Getting close to 30km mark of our ride we pushed on a little further up this steep section and we stopped at this lone building on the side of the road and turned around and made our descent.

On the way down we were faced with another powerful headwind. Although on the way up it felt as if we were riding into a light head wind. So it was going to be another slog down the valley.

I tried to keep the pace up by putting in hard efforts and tried to cycle the turns frequently. We were absolutely pinning it, as hard as the MTB tyres would let us that is.

When we had about 3km to go our legs were fairly tired and it was a false flat for the last kilometre. It looked as if it was going down but it was hard to stay above 30kmph. So we just plodded along the road back to the car.

I can surely say we earnt our pizza and coke well and truly that day. We didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy it because we had to be back at the accommodation that we were staying at to go down to the train station and pick up Liz and her sister at Chivasso.

Friday will be another personal trip for myself to head into Turin to pick up my damaged camera. That was going to cost me 200 euro to get fixed and it was going to get sent to Milano so I wouldn’t know when I would see it next.