Zupps Smash Out

Zupps ride. It’s simply called that because it starts at the Zupps dealership.


It’s a fairly large group ride. Which can be daunting at times but the vibe of the group is welcoming.

Here’s a small portion of the group waiting after a sprint section for the group to regather.


The group sets a decent pace but I found its nothing too exhausting. Although I do train a bit more than the average rider.

During the ride there are sections where some of the faster riders like to have small sprint races.

On this particular ride I was doing my turn and the guy I was riding next do was a solid rider and we were turning up the speed. Approaching this roundabout the group got split up so I was out front with a couple of other guys and I was still charging on. Soon enough I found out that I was leading out the train for the next sprint. I stayed in with the sprint but I wasn’t close to the front we rolled through a side street and I ended up on the front again setting the pace up to the next sprint point. By then I was stuffed.

Here’s some of the scenery.20130117-104550.jpg